Terrazzo Restoration Inc

Terrazzo is composed of processed marble, granite or glass chips bonded together with either Epoxy or Portland Cement. Clients are able to choose from a wide variety of different chips for their Terrazzo floor. Along with choosing different chips, you can also choose different types of pigments for the Epoxy/Cement.

Terrazzo can either be poured in place or precast. Divider strips are used to create panels for terrazzo floor when using different colors of cement and stones. These divider strips can be made of zinc, brass, alloy or even wood. Divider strips can be manipulated to create a design such as names or symbols. After the terrazzo floor is poured into the divider strips, it is then ground using stone or diamond abrasives. Once the terrazzo is roughly ground it is then grouted, polished and sealed.

We can restore your dull Terrazzo and bring it back to it's full potential! Our services include New, Repairs & Refinishing


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We restore the natural brilliance of marble and granite using cutting edge technology. Our heavy-duty, variable speed machine uses industrial and commercial diamond bonded materials to ensure best possible finish on polished stones. Aggressive flexible polishing discs can be used wet or dry for grinding, honing and polishing worn floors. After polishing, a choice of famous Spanish, German or Italian impregnator can be used to bring out the true beauty of the stone.



Old Concrete? Not a problem! We can grind, polish, stain & seal!


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